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A Fellow Western New Yorker Weighs In (A Sorta, Kinda, In A Way Guest Post)

I am always surprised at the reaction my now-year-old post, Obviously, Massachusetts Schools Neglect to Teach Geography of Areas outside of New England (or No, Western New Yorkers are not Yankees Fans.), still gets.  The most viewed and most commented post ever on this blog, the discussion it’s encouraged is great!

Jon emailed me earlier this week with a comment too lengthy to be posted as a comment, and I thought it was cool enough to be my first sorta, kinda in a way guest post ever.  I’ll also link to this in the comments section of the original post as well.

Thanks, Jon for such a well thought out response to the article, and for another view into being a Western New York sports fan. The comment, which includes one of the best descriptions of why Western New Yorkers tend to flock to Boston, after the jump. Continue reading


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They Hate Me: Western NY’s Toxic Back and Forth Relationship with Basketball

Pravin commented earlier this week on my treatise on New York State sports fandom with a great question on basketball in Western New York:

And where does basketball fit into all of this? Is there a particular team that people in Western New York prefer to root for? I’d imagine that the Knicks–not even factoring in their past seven seasons of futility–represent everything that upstaters hate about downstate. There is the connection between the old Buffalo Braves and L.A. Clippers, but not even the most ardent fan of the A.B.A. would retain that kind of loyalty.

Now, I have been in quite a few relationships in my day, including some of those of the on-and-off, back and forth, toxic variety.  (Who hasn’t in their day?  The degrees of severity vary, but everyone’s had at least one.)  But none come close to the toxic back and forth relationship that professional basketball has had with my home region of Western New York.  Professional basketball took Western New York and toyed with its emotions – “You want an NBA Championship? Here you go. Oh, wait – you aren’t “big enough” to support professional sports!  Sorry, let’s move the team away.” – until a whole generation and their children decided enough was enough, and ceased following the NBA all together.

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“Everything Had Changed, Everything Was Strange.”

A brief non-sports note this evening – indulge me for a moment.

Barenaked Ladies, my all time favorite band

Barenaked Ladies, my all time favorite band

My favorite band, Barenaked Ladies, sings songs about the following things:

  • Kobe beef
  • being a vegetarian
  • The X-Files
  • Quebec separatism
  • a bank heist by men dressed up as nuns
  • raps about the Binghamton cabbies (who are very rap worthy, let me tell you)

Pretty geeky things, huh?  Not like your typical rock/pop bands.  All the band members are in their late thirties, early forties.  They all have a number of children (one band member was quoted as of late saying that the number of children outnumbers the number of band members 3 to 1) and just released a children’s album. They seem pretty low key, definitely intelligent, probably responsible, and the last people you would see arrested for anything. Continue reading

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