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Goalies, Goalies Everywhere.

This weekend, I posted a nice little piece at the HLOG (Hockey’s Ladies of Greatness) titled, Dear Hockey East; Thanks for the goalies. Love, The NHL. It covers the NHL callups of Maine’s Ben Bishop, Boston College’s Cory Schneider and Everyone’s Favorite Goalie, Boston University’s John Curry.  In it, I actually give Schneider props (please don’t take away my Terrier Fan card!)

There are times where I write a piece and think, “Hmmm, maybe I should have kept with that Sports Information and Communication major I had early on in college.”  This HLOG piece is one of those times.  I hope you all enjoy it.



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The Everyone’s Favorite Goalie Watch: Groundhog Day

According to the Pittsburgh Post Gazette’s Empty Netters blog, John Curry will get the start for the Pittsburgh Penguins tonight against the New York Islanders at Nassau Coliseum. Isn’t this a case of deja vu? Curry’s first NHL start and win happened on November 24th against the Islanders at Nassau Coliseum.

It is hard to gather from the blogosphere if this start is more because of the two games in two nights schedule, or more because Dany Sabourin has been in net for three straight losses. While many (like The Pensblog and others) mention that while Sabourin hasn’t been awful, he hasn’t been awesome, and that him sitting a game might not be the worst idea.  The general sense I’ve gotten from all that I’ve read is that the Penguins defense hasn’t been making plays when they need to, and that has been what has hurt them most, not necessarily goaltending.

Now, off to find a bar with NHL Center Ice that won’t break my holiday budget…

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The Everyone’s Favorite Goalie Watch – Recalled to Pittsburgh


In this edition of “The Everyone’s Favorite Goalie” watch (insert overly dramatic TV news graphic here), news out of Wilkes-Barre this morning is that John Curry is on his way to Pittsburgh, where he will back up Dany “Still Can’t Find Anyone Who Can Pronounce His Last Name” Sabourin.

This is the first regular season call-up for Everyone’s Favorite Goalie.  He spent the pre-season with Pittsburgh, and technically was on the roster when they played their first two regular season games in Europe, but did not dress.

The Penguins take on the Minnesota Wild tonight at 7pm on Versus.  No word yet as to when the Curry 36 Pittsburgh Penguins jerseys become available on NHL.com (just kidding.)


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You Take The Good, You Take The Bad…The Facts of Hockey

Monday morning, I was mentally planning a blog entry about how Everyone’s Favorite Goalie’s status in Wilkes-Barre/Scranton was quickly becoming that of a backup to the suddenly amazing journeyman goalie Adam Berkhoel. After Berkhoel recorded his third shutout of the season against Binghamton on Saturday, Curry let up four goals to the Syracuse Crunch on Sunday for the loss. Eeek.  There are ups and downs to every athlete’s career, and this looked like Everyone’s Favorite Goalie was going through a rough patch.

Dan Bylsma, coach of the Baby Pens, said to my all-time favorite AHL blogger, Jonathan Bombulie, that he doesn’t believe in coaching emotionally and seems to believe in his ongoing goalie rotation:

“I don’t think coaching emotionally is a great way to coach. We had a plan going into the weekend and stuck with the plan. John played well in his game on Friday night, didn’t play poorly. Adam Berkhoel played well in his game on Saturday. It wasn’t a question of going with one guy who was hot and one guy who was not. Both were playing well.”

Still, a true Boston or Buffalo sports fan (of which I am both) always exists in an Eeyore like state of constant pessimism, and as such, I took the performance of Berkhoel to mean that Everyone’s Favorite Goalie may be spending more time on the bench in the near future.

But wait. Will that bench be that of the Big Pens?

Word out of the Steel City today was that Penguins franchise goalie Marc-Andre Fleury – one of the best Quebecois names ever, in my opinion – is out of Tuesday’s game due to an undisclosed lower body injury. Dany “I don’t know anyone who can really pronounce his last name” Sabourin will get the start.

If the Pens decide to call up a goalie, they would call one of the two goalies in the Penguins organization with two way deals, which my Twitter buddy QuickFacts was quick to remind me of. And those two would be Everyone’s Favorite Goalie and David Brown, who is currently playing with Wheeling of the ECHL.

It’ll be interesting to see if the Pens believe Fleury’s injury is bad enough that he can’t dress, and they decide to call someone up, or if he dresses and just doesn’t start.  The Everyone’s Favorite Goalie call-up watch is on (I feel like I should make a graphic, like when the local news make the “Economy in Crisis” or “Storm Watch 11” graphics)….

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Break Glass if Sick of Election Talk: Your Sports Link-o-Rama

I come to you this evening to write the only piece of blog-o-sphere not to mention tomorrow’s US Presidential Election.  Because, frankly, to be all Negative Nellie about it, it won’t matter who the heck is elected President tomorrow – America is screwed either way because there is not a single politician who exists who is stand-up and honest.

But enough about my political thoughts.  I come to you today with links to articles that also have nothing to do with politics, because there will be a point sometime on Tuesday where you are going to want to bang your head against the wall if you hear one more iota about the election:

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Dear Mr. Favre: We Also Like Cheese, Beer and Lots o’ Snow (with random thoughts at the end)

Dear Mr. Favre:

Busted Tee's Free Farve shirt - anyone want to buy it for me?

I understand you currently have a tad bit of drama in your life. A few months back, you thought it best to retire from the sport you loved, because everyone was chomping at the bit for you to. All of us football fans had been anticipating your retirement for the last eight years, as all of your contemporaries hung up the cleats. But over those years, you still had the skills and desire to play, and fortunately, weren’t racked by debilitating concussions or other injuries that have forced some quarterbacks out too soon (gratuitous Steve Young reference of the post.) So you stayed in the NFL, losing some of your effectiveness as a quarterback and as a leader in the locker room (your teammates grew up watching you play – you’re from a completely different generation as yours) but still leading the Green Bay Packers to respectable seasons.

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