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On Excitement and Nervousness

I remember this combination of dread and excitement. I remember feeling it every morning of every 49ers playoff game in January 1995, back when I eschewed the Bills to make lovey-dovey eyes every time Steve Young appeared on the television screen or sports section. (I had just turned 13 – ripe age for a celebrity mega crush!) I wanted Steve Young and the 49ers to win the Super Bowl so badly that they, and not my then sickly two month old little brother, was what I prayed for when my CCD instructor made us repeat the Apostles Creed like the Rosary was made of it. (There’s a reason it’s not.) Continue reading

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Do Grown Hockey Players Readily Admit They Listen to Kenny Chesney? Yes. Yes They Do.

I have been to the alternate universe. I have examined their dances, their music, and their immensely uncreative hockey cheers. I have been jeered at by students, adults, and senior citizens just on the way to the bathroom. I have found the only Hershey’s Ice Creamstand I have ever seen in Massachusetts, but used intense willpower not to buy an arena priced sundae. Despite all this, I have returned in pretty much one piece (unless you count the nail I broke on the drive home.

I have been to UMass Amherst to watch a hockey game. Continue reading


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