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Dear Sports Media: The Bills Are 2-0 and Possibly Deserving of Some of Your Attention.

Dear National Sports Media,

This morning, while sipping my delicious Brighton Cafe iced coffee (which is more like coffee tinged sugar cream, which is just the way I like it), I snagged a look at I glanced through the sports headlines. I read through my numerous NFL blogs on Google Reader. I was left with one glaring question:

Did the Buffalo Bills play a game yesterday? Were they maybe the game that got postponed? Continue reading


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Success or Effort – Can You Be a Fan of an Athlete Who Doesn’t Win?

It’s not exactly easy for me to acknowledge that my favorite athletes aren’t the world’s best athletes, but in completely objective moments, I’ll do it. As much as I kid about it, I do have to admit that there are quarterbacks better than Steve Young (although it took me a long time to do so.) However, I readily admit there are outfielders better than Gabe Kapler (although there are those times he goes on hitting streaks, like he did earlier this season where it looked like finally his performance would equal his incredible six pack.) Continue reading

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If He Coached Steve Young, He’s Good Enough For Me

Updated at the end of the post later in the day on 1/16/08: Quick post because I’m thrown off by going to a hockey game tonight (because my body now thinks its the weekend, and wants to stay up late, but alas, it’s only Tuesday): Norm Chow was fired as offensive coordinator of the Titans today, proving that he can only successfully work with one quarterback with the last name of Young in his lifetime. For those of you unfamiliar, Chow is one in a line of NFL coaches with time served at the one and only Brigham Young University. Other coaches with BYU roots include Andy Reid and Mike Holmgren (further proof that they are either twins or one and the same person.) Continue reading

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