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More Last Name Fun and Lerg Love from the Icebreaker

If you thought yesterday’s featured Icebreaker tournament player last name was fun (Ben Blood from North Dakota), may I interest you in the entire Michigan State roster?

They have a freshmen defenseman named Tim Buttery. Yep, as in the dairy product. They also have a senior forward named Tim Crowder (rhymes with chowder), a freshmen forward with the last name Warda (like how Bostonians say “water”), and their senior assistant captain’s last name is Gentile (which hockey is not.)

You may think I am a horrible person with no heart by pointing these names out. I argue otherwise. As someone whose last name is affectionately known as “The German Monstrosity,” who still sometimes has to spell it to herself after almost 27 years, I can be critical of others’ last names because we’re all buddies in the “Bad Last Name Club.” At least these guys’ names are spellable. At least they don’t have random silent vowels thrown in their last name just to make things difficult. When I got engaged last week, one of the first things people asked me (after “When are you getting married?”) was, “Are you changing your name?” I didn’t skip a beat when answering: “What, are you kidding me? You think when given the option I’d keep The German Monstrosity?” You’ve got to be serious. It’s more gone than Brett Bennett. I might not be getting married until after this economic depression is finished, but heck, let’s start the last name change now. My French-Canadian-ness gets confused often for Italian-ness, and now I’ll have an easily spellable Italian last name to go with it, instead of a way too long German word that literally translates to “rabbit killer.”

But I digress. Continue reading


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“Everything Had Changed, Everything Was Strange.”

A brief non-sports note this evening – indulge me for a moment.

Barenaked Ladies, my all time favorite band

Barenaked Ladies, my all time favorite band

My favorite band, Barenaked Ladies, sings songs about the following things:

  • Kobe beef
  • being a vegetarian
  • The X-Files
  • Quebec separatism
  • a bank heist by men dressed up as nuns
  • raps about the Binghamton cabbies (who are very rap worthy, let me tell you)

Pretty geeky things, huh?  Not like your typical rock/pop bands.  All the band members are in their late thirties, early forties.  They all have a number of children (one band member was quoted as of late saying that the number of children outnumbers the number of band members 3 to 1) and just released a children’s album. They seem pretty low key, definitely intelligent, probably responsible, and the last people you would see arrested for anything. Continue reading

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