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Revisiting My Teenage Geeky Figure Skating Lovin’ Self #1: Why Do All My Faves Retire Due to Hip Injuries?

With this post, I introduce a new feature on the blog, in yet another attempt to get myself to post more.  We will call this, “Revisiting My Teenage Geeky Figure Skating Lovin’ Self.” Continue reading


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If He Coached Steve Young, He’s Good Enough For Me

Updated at the end of the post later in the day on 1/16/08: Quick post because I’m thrown off by going to a hockey game tonight (because my body now thinks its the weekend, and wants to stay up late, but alas, it’s only Tuesday): Norm Chow was fired as offensive coordinator of the Titans today, proving that he can only successfully work with one quarterback with the last name of Young in his lifetime. For those of you unfamiliar, Chow is one in a line of NFL coaches with time served at the one and only Brigham Young University. Other coaches with BYU roots include Andy Reid and Mike Holmgren (further proof that they are either twins or one and the same person.) Continue reading

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Great Pieces in Sports Journalism #1: “There’s No Reason Why Any Hardworking, Dedicated, Serious Athlete Should Ever Know Who I Am.”

With this entry I begin a new reoccurring feature in an effort to make myself post more: Great Pieces in Sports Journalism. Sit back and enjoy while I tell you what you should read.


Figure skating junkies (of which I once was – and, I guess, always will be in some respects) spent today mourning the loss of former US Men’s Champion Christopher Bowman, a skater who battled drugs problems most of his life. Despite his accomplishments (two National Championships, two World Championship medals, two Olympic teams,) he ended up not being as known as his contemporaries (Paul Wylie and Todd Eldredge – admittedly my two favorite skaters when I was a geeky teenage figure skating junkie) due to his comparatively short career (Eldredge was around as an Olympic level competitor for most of my lifetime, Wylie parlayed his Olympic medal into a very successful performing and commentating career) and his personal demons. Continue reading

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