“Sports Girl: noun, girl who does NOT nag guys about their sports obsessions, but instead, often kicks their butt with her football picks; not to be confused with sports columnist Bill Simmons and his reference to Sports Gal, which is pretty much the exact opposite of a Sports Girl.”

…On Being a Sports Girl has been published since 2003, when the author was an undergraduate at Binghamton University. A lifelong sports fan, Kat grew up in Western New York during the Buffalo Bills’ four year Super Bowl run, and spent her formative years learning to love football (and running quarterbacks, but that’s another story) from her father, and getting her heart broken repeatedly with the rest of the Buffalo-Rochester-Syracuse belt.

Kat studied creative writing at Rochester, NY’s School of the Arts (SOTA), where she took courses with prominent authors and artists. She won several Rochester area writing awards, helped found and served as a reporter, columnist and editor-in-chief of the school’s newspaper, and was published in several local and national journals of creative writing. Her style of writing then, as it is now, is best classified as comedic, sarcastic, and dialog driven.

She continued on to study Sports Information and Communication and Creative Writing at Ithaca College, but due to a number of factors (aka, money, money, money), transferred to Binghamton University to study History.  She was awarded a B.A. in History in 2004, receiving honors for her senior thesis The Metis people of Canada’s struggle for equality among First Nations and its relation to the Quebec separatist controversy. She has since received her Masters of Education in Higher Education Administration from Boston University.

In her blog, she covers football, Olympic sports, baseball, hockey (college and pro) and college basketball, along with what it is like to root for the underdog, adapting to the crazed New England sports scene, pining for the Western New York sports of her youth, and being a self-proclaimed girly girl who loves sports in a still male-dominated world of sports fandom.

In addition to …On Being a Sports Girl, Kat is on the lacrosse beat for Examiner Boston, writes about the Boston Bruins as a member of the HLOG (Hockey’s Ladies of Greatness), and is working on a project for College Hockey News.  She is always looking for additional sports writing opportunities.  She writes solely for the fun of it (aka, she doesn’t expect to get paid, as long as you at least give her credit.) She can be contacted at sportsgirlkat AT gmail DOT com.

5 responses to “About

  1. K

    Wow! A female who digs the Buffalo Bills? And Sports! I’m in love!

    Plattsburgh NY Native stuck in Denver Donkey town.

  2. First of all the blog looks great! I’m glad I stumbled upon it. Second, good luck in the WEEI contest! I listen to that station daily so that’s cool.

    Thirdly, I didn’t know how else to contact you so I’ll just post it here. I run a site that links to other gymnastics sites called Links to Gymnastics (http://www.linkstogymnastics.com)

    I found your blog when I was searching the web for gymnastics and wanted to ask you if you’d like a link to your site from Links to Gymnastics.

    Obviously you cover more than Gymnastics but it’s good to see the coverage amidst all the other sports.

    Either way I wish you all the best!

  3. sportscareercoach

    The pics are almost as good as the words. Keep up the good work!

  4. mdbirdlover

    You go girl!

  5. Kat-What you’re doing is great for the Women in Sport community!! Have you had an opportunity to check out our Gamechangers: Change the Game for Women in Sport Competition (www.nikewomen.com/gamechangers)? We are searching the global community for the best and brightest ideas/innovations that improve access to sports for all females and use sport to empower women and girls! Check it out! Wish you all the best!

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