My Grand Experiment

I have taken the plunge and am currently in the process of setting up my own domain:  This is all new to me, but has been a step I have been researching and mulling over for a few months.  If I ever want to make my coffee money through writing (because I fully realize I’ll never make real money writing, but if I could possible earn coffee money, it would be helpful), I would need to do so from my own domain.

When the new site is fully ready, I’ll be sure to let you all know.  As always, thank you for your readership!


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One response to “My Grand Experiment

  1. Hey… I think that’ll be really cool. I make a little money online, I guess you could say it’s coffee money (a little more than that actually)! It’s nice to see it rack up over time, but you have to keep at it and I’m not too good at doing that lol.

    No hockey for a little more than two weeks! (BU Hockey anyway) What am I going to do?!

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