Doing It Old School – 1951 Boston University Hockey

After hearing from several online sources that a nice chunk of the Life magazine photo archive has been made available via Google Images, I took a minute this evening to go online and check it out. I easily spent 45 minutes this evening looking at photos. The photos are in wonderful quality and are a great resource of American life from the mid 20th century.

There are a ton of photos in the archive that I found interesting – including a bunch of awesome gymnastics ones that I’ll share in an upcoming post – but since hockey is my first sports love at the moment (after the Bills have done the Mexican Hat Dance on my heart once again), I figured I would first share my three favorite Boston University hockey photos.


From the Google - Life magazine archives

This is from a December 1950 Boston University – Michigan match at what is now Matthews Arena. It seems like they have gotten in a little scrum. A fitting picture, seeing that Michigan and BU just played at Agganis Arena two weeks ago, and that game also ended with a little scrum.


From the Google - Life Magazine Archives

The team takes a break in the locker room, seemingly discussing the game. What close quarters.


From the Google - Life Magazine Archives

A Boston University hockey player takes a moment to share his skills with a mite. This also looks like it’s at Matthews Arena (then Boston Arena.) This photo immediately made me think of the hockey camps that go on on the BU campus all summer long – you run into the kids and their parents all over the Dunkin Donuts on Babcock and Commonwealth Avenue.

I definitely recommend taking a moment of free time and just browsing the Life archive on Google. You will definitely get caught up in the beauty and detail of the photographs.

Special thanks to Terrier Blogger for emailing me with the correct date of the Michigan-BU game!


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  1. Whoa… that is cool. Hope you don’t mind if I post something as well.. I’ll link to you as the source 🙂

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