Steve Young. Perez Hilton. A Combination I Never Thought I’d See.

I took my every-other-daily breeze through this evening, to find Steve Young (the original member of The Trifecta) staring back at me in a post about California’s Proposition 8, which would ban gay marriage in California.

My knee-jerk reaction was, “Oh, Perez is going to be all over Young ’cause he’s Mormon and probably all for the proposition.”  Then I read the post.  It turns out Young’s wife is very publicly against the proposition, and has donated a significant amount of money to the cause and has signs in front of their California house urging people to vote no on the proposition.

Perez Hilton was praising the Youngs for their stance. Wow.  I never thought I would see the day that Steve Young and his blink-and-there’s-another-kid family would be on the Pepto-Bismol pink pages of the craziest celebrity gossip site there is, let alone Perez singing their praises.

Hey, this can only benefit me – maybe now when I mention Young to anyone who doesn’t follow football, they might actually know who I am talking about!


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