Someone Decided That I May In Fact Be A Good Writer

A bit of self promotion for a moment:  I have recently become a lacrosse writer for Examiner Boston, a growing online news page.  Everyone jump up and do a happy dance with me!

So in addition to maintaining this blog (which I am trying to do more things with in the coming weeks, like move to an actual factual page of its own), I will also be writing at least three articles a week for the Examiner.  You’ll be able to find my articles here.  I’ll also add this link to the blogroll on the side of the page.

Amuse me and go read them, even if you don’t know the first thing about lacrosse.  My lifelong dream was to be a sports journalist of some sort, and despite my foray into higher education, I was able to sort of fufill it, thanks to the kind folks at the Examiner.  Big ups to Steve and the Examiner crew!

Oh, and no, the FWNICM did not score a hat trick last night, although he did get a goal and an assist in Boston University’s 7-2 win at the Vermont Random Imaginary Cats. But, after his goal, he did do his kneel down and fist pump dealie, which always makes me happy.

A telling note of the evening? My partner-in-crime, having caught the last half of the the third period on TV, turned to me and said, “I almost want to cry, they’re so good.”  Still too early in the season to say that, but I understand what he’s getting at.  Two weeks, two seven point games.  They’re making every goalie look like 2006’s Touchdown Regan.


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