“Being a Jets Fan in Binghamton Sucks” and Other Search Engine Fun

Let’s ignore the Buffalo Bills lost to the freakin’ Dolphins today, shall we? I was having a glorious sports weekend, which included the FWSNBN becoming the star of the season thus far for the Boston University men’s hockey team, and then – bam, the Bills had to go lose. Unacceptable, Mr. Edwards, just unacceptable. I will not be buying your jersey t-shirt anytime soon.

Or maybe I will.

So in an effort to ignore the silly annoying Bills (really guys, you had to go lose to the Dolphins?!), I will devote this evening’s post to the amusing search engine phrases that my blog comes up as referencing. The best, of course, being from two weeks ago:

“Being a Jets Fan in Binghamton Sucks.”

Well, then. I’m sorry you feel that way, Mr. Google User. I imagine it does suck, seeing that everyone there is either a Bills, Giants or Eagles fan. But from what I remember, there still is a bunch of Jets merchandise in the stores in the Southern Tier. Plus, you have to remember that the Giants are just super popular at the moment because they just won the Super Bowl. Eventually, people will jump off the Giants bandwagon quicker than spedies are sold at Speidie Fest. It may be more tolerable as a Jets fan in Binghamton then.

The most random recent search engine phrase that resulted in the searcher visiting my site is the inexplicable “fabiola my father girlfriend.” I can only imagine that Fabiola is the searcher’s father’s girlfriend, and the searcher doesn’t like her. The searcher wants to dig up some dirt on Fabiola, and started searching Google – without realizing, of course, that the last name might be somewhat helpful. The girlfriend’s last name isn’t “Your Dad’s Girlfriend.” I think that search was somewhat unsuccessful, unless the searcher wanted to find out that my Confirmation name is Fabiola, which I chose because she is the patron saint of travel, and fourteen year old me really wanted to take a vacation like all my friends did.

Then I get a lot of search phrases about hockey players and music, especially because I obsess over the whole “hockey players like country music” thing. It still makes no sense to me, but heck, I find myself listening to Carrie Underwood more often than not lately, so I shouldn’t be allowed to pass judgment. So to all of you searching for what type of music hockey players listen to, my educated guess is country music.

In the more normal realm, I get a lot of hits due to my post Obviously, Massachusetts Schools Neglect to Teach Geography of Areas outside of New England (or No, Western New Yorkers are not Yankees Fans.) Most of them being for “NY maps” or “maps of Poughkeepsie, NY.” That post is the most hit, the most commented and the overall most popular. People really disagree with me on that post, but that’s okay. I’m down with that. The only thing that matters is that you’re reading.

And today, I’ve gotten a hit due to the search phrase “I need the names of the best hockey players.” One, that someone typed a sentence into a search engine like that is amusing. I feel like my mom, the woman who thinks AIM is an e-mail, (typical Mom IM: “Hi Katie. I was online and thought I’d say hi. It is cold here. The Bills lost again. Oh well. Your brother says hi. I made pizza tonight. Oh no, have to go, dad is stuck in the attic again. Love, Mom.”), may have done that. She might think she has to ask Google to look up something nicely.

Well, Ms. Polite Searcher, you want the names of the best hockey players? Two of my faves are mentioned in the brief nuggets below:


– Everyone’s Favorite Goalie, John Curry, finally returned to the Wilkes-Barre Scranton Penguins lineup Saturday after a week off due to a back issue. The Penguins lost, 5-4, to the Portland Pirates, ye of little Gerbe. (I have mixed feelings on Gerbe. If you like a team that he plays against, he’s absolutely miserable. If you take a minute and appreciate his speed on the ice though, you realize that the kid has some crazy wheels, and his sometimes dirty play is just to make up for his lack of size.) I hope that Everyone’s Favorite Goalie was just rusty, and that he doesn’t get sent down to Wheeling, the Penguins ECHL affiliate.

– In my first season of serious fantasy hockey, I have been doing pretty well. I have some solid goalies, and my early trade for Phil Kessel (my favorite NHL player) makes me look like a genius. But then, an injury befell Manny Legace, one of my goalies. And just not any injury, according to ESPN:

Legace tripped on the carpet laid for Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin’s ceremonial puck drop as he was coming onto the ice to start the game. He was screened on the first goal and gave up the second to Patrick O’Sullivan, who was unmarked in the slot on a Blues turnover, so we don’t think the injury was to blame for either goal. Ben Bishop relieved Legace at the beginning of the second period in what was his first NHL appearance.

Yep, Sarah Palin inadvertently injured my fantasy hockey goalie. The only good that came from this was former Maine goalie Ben Bishop (who should have played for the Maine basketball team, he’s so tall) getting the start for Legace on Saturday. Bishop was the only highlight for the Black Bears last year, who are already in trouble without him this season.

– Um, so the FWNICM is kinda a big deal. His photo graces the front pages of both College Hockey News and USCHO.com tonight. He scored twice last evening against Michigan, had the only goal last Sunday at New Hampshire, and leads the team in goals. Everyone’s jumping on the FWNICM bandwagon, and that’s okay. I’ve been keeping the seat warm for the past three years. I told my partner in crime (the fiance) today, “This is like watching Steve Young finally put it all together in 1994, except I’m older, a tad less obsessed, and I get to see the FWNICM’s games in person.” Okay, so it’s not even that close, but let’s pretend, shall we?

– I just started reading Prohockeynews.com, and I was amazed at the number of small professional leagues that no one realises exists. For example, the Southern Professional Hockey League (SPHL)? Who knew? I recommend reading Prohockeynews.com because of the random hockey knowledge you can learn.

– In my first “I am seriously frightened of the wedding industry” report of my engagement, I have barely been engaged a month, and I’m already sick of getting emails from The Knot. When I registered for The Knot, they wanted to know personal information about my fiance, which I was totally not down with. So I registered as an “other” instead of a “bride.” Registering signed me up to get bombarded with their e-mails about “heart themed favor sales” and honeymoon specials. The worst are the e-mails I have received regarding the Disney Princess Wedding Gown collection. Seriously? No. I wanted to be Belle when I was eleven, not twenty-six. Between the insane The Knot emails and adding blogs like WeddingBee to my Google Reader, I think I’m ready to head for the hills and elope. I would much rather elope on our scheduled February sojourn to Orono, Maine to cross another Hockey East arena off our list than deal with the wedding industry. But, don’t worry all – I’ll suck it up.


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