Nooo, Everyone’s Favorite Goalie! Say It Ain’t So!!!!

From the most awesome-nist AHL blogger ever, Jonathan Bombulie of the Citizens Voice in Wilkes-Barre, PA:

John Curry’s back stiffened up when he was making a save midway through the second period and Adam Berkhoel had to come on in relief. [from Penguins Insider]

Everyone’s Favorite Goalie already had a tweaked ankle after his trip to Sweden with the Grown-Up Penguins, making today’s game against the Hershey Bears his first start of the season. A bunch of us were all going to travel up to Lowell or Manchester to see him play this week! Noooooooo!

In other Everyone’s Favorite Goalie news, he reverted back to his BU days number, 36, for this season.

Everyone, cross your fingers that he’s not really hurt.


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