Dear Sports Media: The Bills Are 2-0 and Possibly Deserving of Some of Your Attention.

Dear National Sports Media,

This morning, while sipping my delicious Brighton Cafe iced coffee (which is more like coffee tinged sugar cream, which is just the way I like it), I snagged a look at I glanced through the sports headlines. I read through my numerous NFL blogs on Google Reader. I was left with one glaring question:

Did the Buffalo Bills play a game yesterday? Were they maybe the game that got postponed?

I see that the Jacksonville Jaguars played a game yesterday. They lost. Who did they play? Oh, I don’t know. All I know that on NFL Network the only news conference I saw clips of was David Garrard’s and on NBC’s Football Night in America, they only showed Jack Del Rio’s (no leather coat in sight for once.)

I learned all of this from this morning’s headlines: Aaron Rodgers had a great day, and maybe the Packers had it right all along. The Giants wrecked the Rams. The Broncos and Chargers dueled it out to the last seconds. The Pats and Jets played a boring game, but Matt Cassel didn’t implode. There was a lot of wind during the Steelers-Browns game, but the Steelers still won their tenth regular season game in a row. Miami lost again. Kurt Warner looks good for the Cardinals. There’s a game tonight – Eagles and Cowboys.

Not a millimeter of copy devoted to the Bills. Unfortunately, I think all Bills fans are used to this. For example, take Lord Calvert’s quote yesterday on Yahoo’s Shutdown Corner Blog:

Let me see if I understand this correctly…Trent Edwards goes 20/25 for almost 250 yards and a game winning come from behind TD pass against a team considered to be a Super Bowl contender and you’re willing to waive the HoF requirement for Rodgers because he beat up on the pathetic Lions?

Same as usual. If you’re a Bills player you have to be five times better than anyone else before anyone will consider you half as good.

Sure, Trent Edwards isn’t Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Eli Manning, or whomever. He’s just the closest thing

Sure, he's not Peyton, Eli or Tom - but he's better than a lot of the league right now.

Sure, he's not Peyton, Eli or Tom, but he's better than a lot of quarterbacks right now.

the Bills have had to a good quarterback in over a decade. The Bills are winning football games. They aren’t winning them on flukey calls (like the Broncos and Colts did yesterday.) They are winning because they have a good, young football team. They are winning games because their special teams and defense are great, and their offense is catching up. They beat the Jags, for heaven’s sake! People were picking the Jags to win the Super Bowl this season! They make Garrard run out of the pocket for losses of yardage, they took advantage of the holes in the offensive line (my favorite line from yesterday was Steve Tasker reporting that he had spoken to Garrard on Saturday and asked him how he felt about his o-line and Garrard didn’t know the name of one of his guards because he had only been there for two days), and they adequately controlled Maurice Jones-Drew (although they could have done better with Fred Taylor.)

So basically, sports media, where is the love? The Bills love? Can we get over Brett Favre? Can we finally lose the Matt Cassel story? Can we forget about Peyton’s “ability to make the big plays when it matters?” (which is laughable, considering the Vikings were definitely rattling him yesterday)? Could someone, anyone, give the Bills credit?


Fine. I’m used to it.


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