Oh, Canada!

I have a new favorite member of the Boston Red Sox. After the Kappy-Kap (the nickname for Gabe Kapler that one of my students created four years ago) left, I had no favorites. No one could replace the Kappy-Kap with the Sox. No one was that awesome, hot, and as good of a clubhouse leader.

That is, until this afternoon, when Manny Ramirez was involved in a three-way trade for everyone’s favorite Canadian baseball player.

Jason Bay, welcome to the Red Sox. I finally have another hottie outfielder to drool over. And, did I mention that he’s CANADIAN?!

Yes, I knew of Bay’s existence before today. It’s been a running joke between my boyfriend and those in my fantasy baseball league for a good two years that Bay is my second favorite baseball player solely based on the fact that he is Canadian. (In case you haven’t noticed from knowing me/reading previous entries, I’m obsessed with Canadian things. All born-and-bred Western New Yorkers are.) Never mind the fact that he’s not too shabby of an actual baseball player – 22 home runs already this year – what really matters is that he’s Canadian and somewhat pleasing on the eyes.

Times like these I am happy I work a few blocks away from Fenway Park, because I will be traveling down there early next week to procure a Jason Bay Red Sox shirt. It’s a rare occasion when a player you like ends up going to the team you root for – for example, the only time Steve Young was ever in a Bills uniform is whenever I use the “create a player” feature on older versions of Madden, and Hot Forward Who Cannot Be Named will probably never play for the Sabres, Bruins or Amerks. Therefore I’m going to milk this Bay-to-the-Sox for all its worth. He’s hot, he’s good, and he’s Canadian – what else do you want?!


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