More Hockey Players Love Country Music (My Brief NHL Draft Thoughts)

I had these grand plans to blog about the NHL Draft. Grand plans. Then I realized that I haven’t seen my boyfriend play softball in two years (yep, I’m a horrible girlfriend), and that he had a make-up game scheduled for the exact same time as the first round of the draft. I decided that it might be a good idea to attend the softball game, and get home in enough time to catch the last few picks of the night.

After I got to a TV, all the exciting stuff had already occurred, like Nashville trading down two spots to grab Colin Wilson (which was a big deal in BU land for the week leading up to the draft.) However, we did get to see a Swedish draftee, Mattias Tedenby, wear the tightest pants ever seen on a hockey player. Wow, did those pants look awful uncomfortable. It looked like he couldn’t bend his legs as he made it down the arena stairs after the New Jersey Devils drafted him 24th overall. It was like the worse of H&M’s cheap-fashionable-but-hideously-ugly clothes attacked this poor teenage hockey player. It was sad.

I woke up the next morning and read the USCHO Draft Notebook, only to find out that UMass Amherst players are not alone in their love of country music. Wilson admitted to listening to country music, and that’s why Nashville fans should like him. I am more convinced than ever that some country label must have a deal with CCM or Nike. They’re stuffing free country music mp3s or CDs in skates. That’s it. That’s the only way I can explain it.

Watching the draft also made me want to attend a draft in person at some point in my life. Yes, this means I may have to trek to Canada in a random weekend in June, but gosh darn it, I’m going to do so! I heart geeky and obscure sports events (like junior women’s national gymnastics championships and professional lacrosse), and this would take the cake. Me and my Canadian relatives, watching round after round of the draft. Who doesn’t think this is a good idea?

All in all, Boston University tied with North Dakota for having the second largest amount of players chosen in the NHL Draft this year. Pretty outstanding, when it comes down to it. This makes me feel less horrible about signing over my Federal stimulus check to Agganis Arena for my 2008-09 season tickets.

I can’t say much else about the NHL Draft, since my plans to watch it were curtailed. (Although I do feel good about seeing my boyfriend play softball in a warm, lovey-dovey sort of way.) So, when you don’t have much else to say, you always can just link to the best goalie fight of all time. (Yep, I’ve been saving this one up for months.) Have fun watching John Curry’s (everyone’s favorite BU goalie) first AHL goalie fight. It never gets old.


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