Welcome to my blog’s new home…

I will be continuing my four year old blog, …On Being a Sports Girl, on WordPress. I have been able to migrate the majority, if not all, of my older entries (from 2003-on) onto this host as well.

I will be continuously making changes to this main page, so do not be surprised if the physical look of this site changes several times in the next few days.

And yes, all of this work on the site means I’ll be blogging more often. I hope.


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One response to “Welcome to my blog’s new home…

  1. Keep up the blogging. I blog about wine at http://www.thewino.net and football/fantasy football at http://www.paffl.com and just started a fantasy football community site at http://ffcollective.com.

    It takes a lot of time but I love the conversations it builds with virtual strangers around common passions.

    It sounds like you’re a Bills fan? I grew up a 49’ers fan (season ticket holder) and was lucky to see the heyday of both Joe Montana and Steve Young (in fact Young lives about 3 blocks from my parents – I see him in Palo Alto a few times a year). I love Young but I have to say that Montana was my favorite, he was just so smooth…but both were great players and we were all lucky to have had them in SF.

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