Let Me Do My “I’m Right” Dance

Call me lazy, convict me of a lack of creativity. I keep trying to write blog entries on a regular basis, but I get home from work late and exhausted, thus no energy to write an entry. But I know I have to continue to write, no matter what, if I ever want to be a good blogger. So here I am, with my weekly links, which is the blogging equivalent of a sitcom’s clip show. I promise I’ll write something of substance soon.

The Departure Factor is a real theory–or at least Boston University men’s hockey coach Jack Parker thinks so. Coach Parker made his team pretend their home playoff game against the University of Vermont was an away game by switching pre-game rituals, locker rooms, and the tunnel the team entered the ice from. It worked, and the Terriers ended up taking the series. By the way, after Saturday evening’s game, I am more convinced than ever that college hockey may be the best sport ever created. I dragged myself out of bed, laryngitis and all, to see this game, and was I glad I did.

-New sports blog that is totally up my alley: Some ladies who regularly commented on the sports blog Deadspin (which I am a little too late jumping on the bandwagon of, doh!) have begun a blog, Ladies…, commenting on sports the way it should be commented on….by pointing out the hottness factor of male athletes. Look at the lists of postings and try to figure out what two I’ve already commented on. It’s kind of obvious.

Peyton Manning worked a Sweet 16 Birthday Party. While Tom Brady’s out there impregnating any woman that moves, Peyton Manning is making appearances at birthday parties. Really, who is the better quarterback?

-The issue of First Amendment rights for spectators at hockey arenas is an issue that I have become very acquainted with in my relatively short career in higher education administration. I was introduced to a paper on the subject authored a professor at Florida International University School of Law by the Sports Law Blog. Cheers, Profanity, and Free Speech in College Sports by Howard Wasserman gives a comprehensive overview of the case law surrounding free speech at college sports venues. If you have any interest on the subject, I recommend this read wholeheartedly.

-The BU (the Binghamton BU, not the Boston BU) Basketball Blog reported a note today about University of Hartford fans tailgating in the Events Center parking lot before Sunday’s America East Women’s Basketball Championship. I wish I had thought of that while I was there. If there is anything Binghamton has a lot of, it’s parking lots and, thus, prime tailgating spots. On a related topic, kudos to the Binghamton University student newspaper, Pipe Dream, for their America East men’s basketball tournament coverage, which included a live blog. They blew many a school’s newspaper out of the water with their coverage–and that’s not my bias talking. Ask my non-Binghamton-loyal-proud-Scarlet-and-White-wearing boyfriend. The BU-BU quarterfinal was the game I had waited two years for–finally, Binghamton got to play at Agganis Arena, and brought almost just as many fans as Boston University did. I intend on writing a blog entry on this game and the subsequent departure of Al Walker, aka, Mr. “Did-I-Yell-Loud-Enough-At-the-Refs”?


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