Sports Blogs That Are Better Than My Own–Or At Least Updated More Often

Here is my list of my favorite sports-related blogs and columns. Since I have seriously slipped in updating this blog, I give you this list of sports news and opinion so that you can get your fill from somewhere. Plus, they all write much better than I do.

Uni Watch
A daily look at uniform trends and history.

Boston Sports Media Watch
A professor in COM told me about this blog last year, and I have been addicted since.

Scott’s Shots
An offshoot of the Boston Sports Media Watch blog from a “insiders” view.

Peter King’s Monday Morning Quarterback
I know he’s not always right, but I excuse his mistakes because of his encyclopedic knowledge. Oh, and because his column introduced me to the egg nog latte.

Sports Law Blog
My newest addiction. It’s topics run the gamut.

Binghamton University Basketball Blog (Press and Sun-Bulletin)
It’s well written, but only for the most dedicated of Binghamton fans.

Scott Pitoniak’s Blog at the Democrat and Chronicle
The Democrat and Chronicle have a great stable of sports journalists–here is one of them.

Inside the Bills
Not just for Bills fans, it provides a good look at news from around the AFC East.



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2 responses to “Sports Blogs That Are Better Than My Own–Or At Least Updated More Often

  1. How about women’s sports blogs??? Have you come across any good ones??? I have a feeling there is a serious lack here.

  2. katherinehas

    Hi Megan –

    If you look at my blog roll now, I have many more women’s sports blogs. This list is now a year and a half old. Right now, I’m loving the HLOG and Girl with a Puck. You have a great blog yourself, btw!


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