Why I Got Stares on the T…and not just from sketchy skeevy men

The Life of a Sports Girl:

After supervising the Family Recreation program all morning and checking in on the Programming Council ticket sales for a hour or so (Gavin DeGraw, Oct. 14th!!!!), I walked down to Barnes and Noble. My aim was to get my mom’s birthday gift (nun-related for the 4th year in a row.) I walked out with that and Patriot Reign, the new book about Bill Belichick and the Patriots that’s mentioned everywhere you turn around there.

Now mind you, I’m wearing a cute bebe rhinestone top, low cut jeans, my sequined slippers, with my hair curly and half-up and I have my makeup all done, because that’s just the way I am. And here I am, buying this book. They must of thought I was buying it for my non-existent boyfriend or something.

So I’m sitting on the T (the subway for those of you non-Bostonians), reading this book. I can’t even count how many weird looks I got over my 15 minute T ride. It was like I had put my pants on backward or was wearing hot pink and red together. See, in Boston, you have a lot of girls who know sports. They can talk the talk. They know that Crennel is not a spice and they could pick Weis out of a crowd on a B Line train headed inbound at 7pm on a Friday night. They can even name offensive linemen. They’ll appear with the Globe sports section, but there are doubts if they’re actually reading it. But never, ever, ever do you ever find a girl devouring a book about sports. Especially a girly girl.

In the style of the little old crabby man on The Simpsons, “This is how I live my every daaaaayyyyyyy.”



I just discovered this 20 minutes ago. Yes, our cable was installed almost two weeks ago, but I haven’t been able to sit here and wander the channels until right now. And I have it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, all my goals for the year have been fulfilled:

1) Graduate from Binghamton.

2) Move to Boston.

3) Date another guy before my 23rd birthday.

4) Get NFL Network.

I am never moving from this couch.


And I must let you know, that within 10 minutes of me discovering that I have this channel, they showed a random Super Bowl highlight of Super Bowl XXIX, including the famous line of Steve Young’s playoff speech: “…and no one can ever, ever, EVER take this away from us! EVER!” And then he practically makes out with the Lombardi trophy.

Does NFL Network have ESP? Did it want to properly welcome me?


Picks for the week:

Pittsburgh over Cincinnati – I’m all for rooting for people who are my age. I’m also all about people who have long, unpronounceable last names. Therefore, I’m all about Ben Rothlisberger. Also, my favourite fantasy running backs are on this team.

Indianapolis over Jacksonville – I hate the Colts.

Oakland over Houston –Oakland has an old but steady defense. It’s a toss up for me, but I have to go with the old over the new in this one.

New England over Buffalo – Tear, tear, sniffle, sniffle. My Bills are going to get decimated by a much better team. To over-reference Pedro Martinez, the Patriots are the Bills daddy. Tom Brady’s awesomely amazingly gorgeous, so it makes it a little better.

Philadelphia over Chicago – Chicago hasn’t been memorable since Steve Walsh. I rest my case.

Cleveland over Washington – I watched Monday Night Football while writing my Perspectives on Higher Education paper. And maybe I missed something, but Gibbs seems to think that a NFL sideline is a frantic and messy NASCAR pit, and Gregg Williams needs to be banned from coaching. But I was under the influence of the defense of the American community college system, so I could be wrong.

Green Bay over the Giants – I am currently watching “In Their Own Words” on NFL Network, and the profile is on Brett Favre. The man has a wicked sense of humor. I’m learning to like him. My hatred of the Packers kind of delayed my realization that he’s actually an amazingly good quarterback. But now the hatred clouds have lifted somewhat, and I appreciate him for what he is, which is not just the owner of a sexy Southern accent.

Carolina over Atlanta – Vick is stealing Young’s thunder. But I’m happy for Jim Mora Jr. Liked his father as a coach, liked him as the 49ers defensive coordinator, and so far, he’s not doing too bad of a job with the Falcons. But it’s the Panthers at home, coming off a bye. I side with the Delhomme led Panthers in this one, even though Delhomme doesn’t strike me as an interesting QB yet.

New Orleans over Arizona –Poor poor Denny Green.

Jets over Miami — Who is the Dolphins third string QB? What would the harm be in starting him? It’s not like they could do worse than Feely and Fielder.

Tennessee over San Diego — Sing it with me: San Di-e-go, Super Chargers, San Di-e-go! Now realize that that was now a decade ago, and they will never be super again…unless they start Flutie. Note to anyone looking to gift shop for me: I would like a Chargers Flutie jersey before he gets forced into retirement. One I could wear (meaning it would have to be a boys size). I’ll really never get it, but I’m just saying, if you can think of nothing else to get me for a holiday, get me that.

Hold on, wait, they’re doing a montage of Favre’s father and they’re talking about last December’s

Packers-Raiders game. Excuse me while I tear up.

Okay, back now.

Denver over Tampa Bay –aka, the two teams I know nothing about. But I’ve never really liked Jon Gruden, except for this quote from ESPN’s Page 2 last year–warning: explicit quote ahead:

“Bucs head coach Jon Gruden, reveals that he lost his virginity at age 17, in South Bend, Indiana. ‘I lost my virginity to the Notre Dame fight song,’ Gruden says. ‘There was a band?’ asks Playboy. ‘No, not even music,’ Gruden replies. ‘But it was in my mind.”

I like that quote because it finally gave me the answer to what men are REALLY thinking about all the time. Not sex, but the Notre Dame fight song.

San Francisco over St. Louis – Upset special! Rattay is back, we always know the best 49ers QBs are always somewhat concussed, and everyone is down on Martz. First win of the season right here.

Baltimore over Kansas City – A win which will hopefully be leading me to another successful week in the MCFFLOAT (most competitive fantasy football league of all time, previously referred to as the MCFFLYCPEBI, but I’ve finally found a much better acronym.)

Last week: 10-4. This week…hmm…the fact that so many teams I’ve picked to lose are at home…I’ll play it safe and say 8-6.


Mini-Oreos (aka, small little things that I just arbitrarily decided that I would call mini-oreos):

I was watching MTV Hits earlier, and again, I emphasize: Alicia Keys, he doesn’t know your name because you are STALKING HIM. Thank you.

About my workaholicism: I am fully aware of it. I wish I didn’t have to work all this much. But I do, and it’s going to be a part of my life for just a few more months. So bare with me.

Legal Issues in Higher Education is a hard class, but it’s so worth it. I love that class–the three hours just fly by as the 20 of us just debate and discuss the cases. And the cases are interesting to read, even if you don’t know all of the terminology.

No Bingo Homecoming because I have to work Boston University’s showings of the Red Sox playoff games. I get to arrange them all and everything. It’s a major task, and I hope to do a great job, because if I can really pull this off, it’ll look awesome in my portfolio. I’ll miss you guys though, and I’m sure Homecoming will be fantastic. But this is one of my dream jobs, and I really want to give it my best shot.

Speaking of Dream Jobs: The right two people were booted off Dream Job this week. It got moved to Tuesday nights at midnight, so I can watch it. However, we are now down to one female representative, and it’s only the third week, and I don’t think she’ll hang on much longer. But in happier news, there are some total hotties this season (both Jasons in particular), although I doubt anyone can top the loveableness of the original Dream Job Mike.

Speaking of total hotties, if anyone wants to set me up with any nice, sports-loving, my age or older, happy, and all-in-all lovable Bostonian men, please let me know. I’m all for it.

And I finish with my quote of the week: “Collinsworth asked Marino, Carter and Carter’s eyebrows the following question: ‘If you could take one QB in a game for all the marbles, who would you take: Manning, Brady, McNabb or Favre?’ Marino thinks about it, then takes Manning, and rightly so — famous QBs who can’t win anything when it matters always stick together.” -Bill Simmons


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