Notes From Work…

I don’t want to do my homework, therefore here are some short little things I’ve been thinking lately…

-What’s going on with all these football players suddenly getting busted for drug use? The Ricky Williams thing was shocking, but didn’t phase me all too much. But this Quincy Carter thing–I’m sorry, if he was stupid enough to be using drugs while being coached by Parcells, then he doesn’t have enough brain capacity to be allowed to play football. That’s like a 15 year old girl talking about having premartial sex in front of a old nun. You just don’t do that.

I honestly love the listing of all the At-Bat songs on ESPN’s Page 3. I hate Page 3 usually, because it’s just a silly concept most of the time. I mean, I don’t read ESPN for entertainment news. I read it for sports news and commentary. If I want entertainment news, I’ll go to Yahoo or something. Not ESPN.

But anyway, despite me not really being knowledgeable about any baseball besides the Blue Jays, Red Sox, Yankees and Orioles (you’d think I’d know the Devil Rays, but no, never made the connection that they were all in the same division until recently. They have no connection to me. All those teams do: I grew up in Rochester, where we were the farm team for the Orioles; I love all things Canada, therefore have always rooted for the Blue Jays; I went to school with all Yankees fans (except for Brian, the lone Mets fan I knew at Binghamton); and I currently live in Boston and therefore am obsessed with the Red Sox. Tampa Bay has no play into that theme whatsoever. But anyway, I’m saying, despite me not knowing a thing beyond those four teams, I find this list of at-bat music highly amusing. One person on every team has “Yeah” by Usher. Some teams have that token alternative Christian music person. Then you have your token country guy who plays Tim McGraw (who I’m guessing has got to be the country artist of choice for baseball players, seeing who his father was and all). Then you have the 70s rock dude. Every few teams has someone with obscure salsa music. The rest is all popular rap.

Why do I bring this up? Well, it got me thinking. I was explaining to Kit not too long ago that I had this thing where I listened to Ben Folds’ “Rock This…” from his live album before I had to take a test or interview or something high pressure of that sort. It made me laugh hysterically that I was trying to get pumped up by listening to Ben Folds. I love the guy, he’s second only to Barenaked Ladies on my favourite artist scale, but he is not pump up music. But this song was to me. I don’t know. So I made Kit listen to it once, and she laughed. I don’t think she added it to her pump up music repertoire, but maybe she did and just hasn’t told me yet. I wouldn’t say that that Ben Folds song would be my “at-bat” music, which led me to thinking–what would be my “at-bat” music?

I still don’t know.

Here’s where ya’ll come in (all three of you left that actually read my blog.)

What would be your at-bat music? Or for those of you not as athletically-interested, what music would you have playing as you entered that big interview, that major test, that life-changing performance? E-mail me at and let me know, or IM me the rare times my computer in the apartment stays online. With Research Methods quickly coming to a close, I’ll have time to write more, and therefore, will be able to post and comment on your choices. I’ll also be asking everyone who doesn’t read my blog, so we’ll get some new names and faces as well.

Call it random audience participation time. I try to make this engaging. Whether or not I succeed is unknown.


Later this weekend (because I didn’t post the link to this entry till Sunday because I was hanging with cows and tractors while learning various drinking games. Long story. Definitely fun times though.)

So for some flashback fun, read this entry of my blog from last year. A year ago this weekend, I was in Boston, trying to decide if I should move here or not.

And here I am.

Things are 65 times different than I imagined them. As much as I loved BU, inside I thought it was a given that I’d be a Harvard-ite. I thought I’d be working as a RD to get through grad school. There’s a couple more things that I won’t go into that I thought would happen that didn’t. Moving here was ten times harder than I thought–there were several times in the past three months that I’ve wanted to pack it all in and go home. But that’s natural–you can’t leave everything you know and not expect that to happen.

But I’m extremely happy. Busy, stressed out, overworked, insomnia-ridden–but happy. I have great jobs, I’m thisclose to being done with school forever, I have an awesome cat that sleeps with me at night, and while I don’t have a lot of friends yet, the ones I do have are amazingly awesome (especially the one that dragged me out to tractor country this weekend). I get to watch the Red Sox on TV, pass Fenway Park on the way to work, and talk sports with everyone because everyone gets them.

It’s amazing that a year has gone by, and I’m here.

I just thought I’d share.


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