Welcome to Being a Grown Up…Well, Maybe

As I write this, I am sitting in my bedroom in my apartment in Brighton, MA, eating coffee ice cream (more on that later) and listening to a radio station that proclaims itself “Boston’s #1 Hit Music Station” (which, you know, it probably isn’t, or it is, but in some random demographic and that’s why like 6 stations in an area can make that claim). Earlier, as I ate dinner, I watched NESN’s Red Sox pregame.

Welcome to my dream world. And I’m living it.

Okay, maybe it’s not exactly my dream world. But it’s the closest to it than I have ever gotten. The only thing missing are the people–my two good friends up here are away until Sunday at the earliest. So I’ve kind of been on my own for a day now. Now, mind you, that whole being on my own thing would of thrilled me like 4 years ago when I was a loner. But I kind of am not a loner anymore, so this being by myself thing is kinda hard to get reacquainted with.

But why complain? I’m living in Boston and I have my own bedroom. It doesn’t get much better than that. And, to top things off, I have found what is probably the only job in the world that encompasses everything I like/am good at: I interviewed today to be an administrative assistant for the summer at Boston University’s Department of Physical Education, Recreation and Dance. Sports (gymnastics and skating included!) + Dance + Higher Education Administration = Like everything I like and have wanted to do ever. Well, except that brief span when I was 4 where I wanted to be a firefighter. Yeah. I’m kinda happy to abandon that one. Let’s cross all of our fingers (well, I mean, unless you like have arthritis or something, then I wouldn’t recommend that) and hope that I get it.

On to the funnier parts of the past few days:

-So I keep going to the grocery store because it’s like a 4 minute walk from my apartment, because I’m not used to cooking for myself and I don’t know what I’ll eat and what I need to make it. Seriously, I have become a compulsive supermarket shopper. It’s addicting. So anyway, I’m walking down the aisles tonight and come across the tuna. I considered buying some. The following thought then went through my head, I kid you not: “If I buy the tuna, then I have to buy mayonnaise, and then maybe onion, and that’s a whole downward spiral I’d rather not go down.”

Does that make any sense? And the sad thing is that I listened to myself.

And a note about ice cream: apparently mint chocolate chip ice cream does not exist in Brighton. The supermarket up here has every other flavor known to man EXCEPT for mint chocolate chip. So I was resigned to buying my second favourite flavor, coffee. Two days now, no mint chocolate chip. Hmm…

-I live off of Beacon Street. I turn left out of my apartment, a few steps and I’m on Beacon Street. Now, from there, I could turn left, walk a few blocks and hit a CVS and Dunkin Donuts, or I could turn right, walk a few blocks, and hit a CVS and a Dunkin Donuts. Walk the other way on my street, and you hit Commonwealth Ave. Turn left from there, walk a few blocks, a CVS and a Dunkin Donuts. Turn right, walk a few blocks, hit like 10 CVS’ and Dunkin’ Donuts’ in the span between there and Kenmore Square. People! I don’t need that many donuts, let alone that many places to get overpriced makeup and toiletries.

-Haha! I can wear my Red Sox shirt here and NOT GET JEERED!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is a brand new concept to me!

-I am currently losing fantasy baseball this week 14-1. Man, I was on a two week not-losing streak (won one week, tied the next). This is because none of my pitchers have come up yet this week, or at least this is what I’m telling myself. My fantasy baseball people have yet to set up a fantasy football league, which apparently every single website wants everyone to do already. It’s May. I’m thinking football because I always am, mind you, but I properly can’t evaluate people until training camp…which I won’t get to go to this year because I’m here, and Bills camp is at home. Sad moment.

-Graduation still hasn’t hit me yet. I’m sure it will soon. We ended up having two guest speakers: Sen. Schumer and the composer guy who I have never heard of in my life. Both weren’t too bad. The student speaker sounded like he wanted to be either a Kennedy or William Shatner. I should of been the student speaker. But I’m not bitter. Really.

At the Mountainview Commencement ceremony on Saturday, I did get to speak (all of us graduates did). Well, the instructions Jeff and Darlene had given me prior to the ceremony had said, “Share a memorable experience from Mountainview.” And then they told me that I needed to tell the story about the time I forgot Jeff’s name (see the entry from three weeks ago or so). So I planned to.

Chuck goes first, and just thanks everyone, says what a great year it’s been. Then there was a lull. No one knew who should go next. I knew I had to get up and tell the story, otherwise I’d never hear the end of it. And then I hear Jeff go, “Katherine, go.” So I go. I get up there, tell the story, and it went over pretty well. People laughed, and a few people came up to me afterwards and said it was funny.

So people start to go up–and no one else told a memory. They all got serious and thanked everyone and said how great everything was and were emotional–making me look like the complete and total oddball. Yes, I looked like the class clown. I mean, though, is it like me to get all serious and emotional about anything other than Legally Blonde or football? It was the best for me to leave the seriousness to other people.

-So this weekend is my first weekend in a major city. I have nothing to do on Friday, because I don’t have class on Fridays, and I haven’t started work yet. So I think I may head over to MIT and finally see the Stata Center and Baker House in person. I’ve spend the past two months researching both buildings for my theory and methods term paper and presentation, and I’m eager to see both in person. I also am going to go on the Great Gabe Kapler t-shirt search. Wish me luck. I may also head over to Filene’s Basement, but I don’t know yet–I need to save things for other weekends.

-Go Flames and Lightning! Prove my hockey prediction skills correct! Let’s also hope that last night’s lousy Amerks performance was the exception. They were on a seven game winning streak. A poor ferry-less-while-it’s-being-repaired-yet-again-even-though-we-all-know-it’ll-probably-never-start-service-at-this-point-anyway city has its hopes riding on your heavily padded shoulders.

Okay, I should…do my nails? Reorganize the bookcase? Maybe read ahead for class? I don’t know. I’d watch more NESN, but I don’t have a TV in my room. That may have to change.

Can ya’ll tell this whole not having anything to do thing completely throws me off guard?

Hold up before I go: BREAKING HASENAUER FAMILY NEWS! My sister just IMed me and she has mono. Her prom is Friday, and she has a wicked nice dress and wicked good plans. But now she is doped up on codine. She says she’s still going, but she’s really out of it now. 😦 Poor Megan. She is the queen, for all of the illnesses I’ve had, I have never had mono. Get better soon Megan, preferably in time for prom.


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