Presenting The Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Medicore Quarterbacks Who Made the Super Bowl by Super Fluke Collection!

I am DONE!!! Everyone yell it with me! I AM DONE WITH MY UNDERGRADUATE CAREER!!!

Wow, that felt good, didn’t it?

Well, I am taking a break from packing up my room to write. See, when you don’t move home for, oh, almost two years, you tend to accumilate way too much stuff. This is a tiring and not very enjoyable process. I implore anyone who is going to be a senior next year to start going through your stuff now. This is a pain in the neck.

I thought I’d pass on the following little nuggets of information to ya’ll (yes, I’m getting Terrace 5 Round-Up-y on you all yet again):

-I was in Hallmark tonight, and in the back they had clearance Christmas ornaments. And they sure had a lot of Kurt Warner Keepsake Collection ornaments. I mean, a lot. Hallmark, when your designers sat around their idea table and thought, “Which football player are we going to offer this year?” they COMPLETELY missed the mark with Kurt Warner. I mean, what’s next? Brad Johnson? Jake Delohomme? Are they going to start a whole “Mediocre Quarterbacks Who Made the Super Bowl by a Super Fluke” collection?

-I like hockey. I like that I now will be able to watch hockey. What I don’t like is that my hometown team, the good old Rochester Americans (Amerks for short) is heading into the conference finals on a seven game winning streak and I will not be in Rochester for any of it. Now, mind you, I was raised on playoff hockey, as evidenced by the gazillions (okay, more like hundreds….okay, fine, tens) of banners hanging from the ceiling of the War Memorial. And of course, I with the perfect timing, has to be leaving upstate New York just as we’re back in the thick of playoff hockey. Internet radio and I will become best friends in the next week, since who knows if there will be hockey for me to follow come fall…

-When presented with free time, I really don’t know what to do. I handed in the Thesis From Hell this afternoon around four, and honestly didn’t know what to do with myself afterward. I didn’t want to pack…but I didn’t know what other options were. Like, I could watch TV, but what is on and I could read a book or a magazine or…oh wait, I read 23 times a day even in the thick of thesis-dom and finals-dom, so that’s no change. But really, what do you do with free time? It’s….unnerving? Especially when you realize that you’re in the desolateness that is Binghamton, NY and you don’t have a car. Yeah, you notice those things while you’re in the thick of work, but when you don’t have any work to do anymore, you really notice it.

So I packed.

What happens when I don’t have to pack anymore?


I think I’m going to jump the gun and start planning for my Administrative Planning project, which I have to have some idea of by our first class on Thursday. Yeah, why not?

See, this is the real reason I’m starting grad school mere days after graduation. Because I would go nuts if I didn’t have anything to do. But I won’t have two jobs and 16 extracurriculars in grad school, so what am I going to do with that time that’s not taken up with work and school?

Ah, the dilemmas of graduating. I was forewarned….

-Speaking of my jobs, mad props (like the slang? can you tell it’s 1:40am?) to the Mountainview College Housing Office for being awesome. I will miss that place like you don’t know what. I walked in this afternoon to Sean and Jeff singing along to “Build Me Up Buttercup” at the top of their lungs, and Darlene just looking at them like they were crazy. I will never have more fun in a work place than I did there.

-Really, can I just say that I want the collective works of Peter King and Bill Simmons in a hard-bound collector’s edition book set? With like, special commentary by….oh, me, about how much these two men rock? Please, I know I talk about them every week, but if you have not read them yet, please do. They’ll please those of you who know nothing about sports, so if that’s what has been keeping you back, please reconsider.

-I was at Bar Crawl last night (Ithacans: Bar Crawl is to Binghamton-ians as what Beer Golf is to you, but ours is sanctioned by the university.) Can I just tell you, if all the men of the world were completely trashed all of the time, I’d have no problems with guys not noticing me. Drunk guys right and left were throwing compliments at me like they were Curt Schilling pitching a complete game. It was great. Except when you realize that they’re drunk, and when they’re sober, they’re not going to think you’re hot. But it was great before I realized that. Still not a really big fan of Binghamton’s downtown, but it doesn’t matter because I’m moving in a little over three days.

Okay, now I’m tired. Tomorrow are various recognition ceremonies and the arrival of the Hasenauer clan, of course on their Hasenauer time, meaning I had to tell them everything starts a half hour earlier than it really does. I love my family. I don’t love Hasenauer time.

The next time I write I will be a BOSTONIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let’s finish where we started and yell, “I WILL BE A BOSTONIAN IN 4 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Wow, that felt good, didn’t it?


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  1. Anonymous

    You feel as excited about being a Bostonian as I do about becoming a Galwegian; ahhhh lovely zing!


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