Note: I wrote this on Tues. the 6th while I was home on spring break. Home=bad internet, therefore I wasn’t able to post it till I got back to school today. It may be a little dated, but try to take yourself back to last Tuesday and enjoy. And to tell you all what ended up happening: I did come back to school to find a rejection letter from Harvard in my mailbox. Fortunately, also in the mailbox was my new Boston University sweatshirt.

Motown Philly, Back Again

Greetings from the futon in my house! It’s Spring Break and my laptop, the TV and I are having quality time while I work on and procrastinate from my honors thesis. I returned to the “Rochester metropolitan area” (Tricia’s words) late Sunday night, after attending the American College Personnel Association (ACPA) Conference in Philadelphia to start off my break. My big plans for break included having sinus surgery, however not only do I need to have more tests done before they do it, I now have my third sinus infection this year and am on new antibiotics. These ones are pretty interesting–I usually don’t get side effects, but I’m definitely feeling them with these. So bear with me.

This weekend was supposed to be full of career exploration, networking and fun. It was fun, but it was full of all of that fun inner turmoil that comes with being 40 days away from graduation. Saturday afternoon, I’m sitting there thinking, “Wait, I don’t know if this is what I really want to do. Do I want to deal with college students my whole life?” Saturday night, I was depressed at that thought and the one that I had spent two sessions hearing that two year programs are preferable to one year programs (and Boston University is a one-year program.) BAH! What am I doing? But by the end of the day on Sunday, I had settled down a bit. I like academic advising, I like alumni affairs, and the best thing about higher education administration is that if I need to get out at anytime, I work at a college and can take classes for a reduced price towards another degree. I just don’t know if student affairs (student activities and residential life) is where I want to spend the majority of my time. I can’t be workaholic me forever–I need to be able to separate work from home at the end of the day, and with that you can’t always do that. But I’m still young, and I’m willing to do that for a while. We’ll see what happens.

But the big news is that I’ve pretty much decided (99.9% sure) that I will spend the next year of my life as a Terrier, trading one BU for the other. I’m mostly excited because if you read my journal from August, all I did was gush about Boston University. Still, I am a little disappointed–I still haven’t received a letter from Harvard or BC, but I’m assuming they came yesterday to my school mailbox and were negative. I have to give BU an answer by Friday, and I have to assume by what I heard this weekend that I would of heard weeks ago had either one accepted me. BC I’m not sad about–sure, it would be a fun sports school, but I think a closed Catholic campus isn’t quite me right now. But Harvard I’m a little in denial about. I know there are people who have more qualifications in the world–many more–but I thought I was Harvard material. Maybe I’d fill some kind of quota for them–the poor girl from Western NY who has a 3.7?–but I guess this wasn’t my year. Oh well, BU wants me, likes me, and I like them. And really, my real dream was to move to a big city, get a Master’s, and be in someplace that I enjoy. And that’s what I will do in 40 days.

And from one big city to another, there are some peculiar things I noticed about Philly. One, it has all one way streets (not that that’s really unusual to me anymore) but they all have random “NO TURN” signs at the lights. Well, in order to get into the parking lots, you have to turn at the light. Maybe it was just that you weren’t supposed to turn right. But the signs gave no other directions, not even an arrow, so I assumed it applied to both. I’m glad I wasn’t driving. As evidenced by my driving to my appointment Monday morning (where I got lost on Westfall Road, and nearly hit a few mailboxes in Pittsford, where you really really don’t want to hit anything because the residents are SUPER rich), I should probably not drive in a major city. I probably shouldn’t drive in anything bigger than Rochester. Also, in Pennsylvania, when you enter and exit the tolls, there are no lanes. It’s a wild free-for-all until the lanes start up again. And there are apparently no cops in Pennsylvania, and the few that there are all hang out on the NY-PA border, catching the “crazy kids” who speed on 81. I hadn’t been in Pennsylvania in four years, and that was when I flew there to connect flights. The last time I had really been in PA, I was 15 and going to Hershey Park. Erie when I was 17 doesn’t count because Erie is not Pennsylvania, no matter how much you try to convince me otherwise. It’s just Western New York, which in turn is just Southern Ontario, which makes Erie just a town in Southern Ontario, not Pennsylvania. But my point with that all was to say is that I don’t remember all of these driving peculiarities from my previous trips because of my age and subsequent driving naiveté.

Speaking of naiveté, I am convinced that I’m really not an idiot, I’m just naive. That’s going to be my excuse for everything from now on. “I’m not an idiot, I’m just naive.” I think if Jessica Simpson said that, her stupidity would all make sense.

And on to more naiveté…

-This morning, I got to sit in my pajamas (not the football pants, but the “cat’s pajamas” pants–get it? “The Cat’s Pajamas?” I am Kat, I wear pajamas, they’re the “cat’s pajamas?”) and read a new Bill Simmons article followed by Peter King’s Monday Morning Quarterback from yesterday that I hadn’t gotten the chance to read yet. If I had a peanut butter cookie from the Hinman Night Owl and an Oreo cookie milkshake from the CIW Night Owl with Barenaked Ladies blaring on a stereo and a hot guy was lying next to me (Dream Job Mike?), it would of been the most perfect fifteen minutes of my life. As it was, the reality was pretty good. I feel okay about abandoning sports writing as a career three years ago as long as those two are writing.

-Mike from Dream Job is THE HOTTEST GUY EVER. HANDS DOWN. AMAZING. I only was able to see the last two episodes of Dream Job, so I know I missed out on a lot. But still, those two episodes, and his SportsCenter appearance the following night left me drooling. I don’t even care that he agreed with Tony Kornheiser in saying figure skating isn’t a sport, that’s how good looking he is to me. Sense of humour with knowledge of sports and amazing good looks=SUPREME HOTTNESS.

-My father is in denial that I like baseball. We come home Sunday night and I hurried to turn on Sportscenter to see the score of the Red Sox-Orioles game. It flashed on the screen, Red Sox 2, Orioles 7, and I groaned (ever since the Orioles treated the Rochester Red Wings so poorly before we broke our association with them, I hate them). My father shook his head. “I thought I raised you better than to like baseball.”

In other baseball news, Peter King’s article in Sports Illustrated two weeks ago about what was wrong with baseball is nearly identical to the point of my Power Point presentation in Intro to Sports Management back in Fall 2000. Except of course that it’s almost four years later and he’s more knowledgeable on the subject than 18 year old me was. Right on.

And my fantasy team rocks, especially my pitchers.

-The Patriots play the Niners at home this upcoming season. Can the 98 Niners play the Patriots instead? Either way, I’m going. Coincidence that my favourite team is playing in my new residence the fall I get there? I think not! Okay, maybe. But it’s a nice one. (But if it’s Homecoming weekend, I can’t go. This would be a tough decision for me if the Niners were going to be any good this year, but they aren’t.)

I am off to the post office to mail forms to my new school! Till next time…


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