The Blur That Was The Last Two Weeks

I warn you all: this may be the last time I write in three weeks. In the next three weeks, I have three papers (one of them being my honors thesis), a midterm, a presentation, SA and Mountainview Elections stuff-o-rama, and CDT Sweatshirt Distribution. Oh, and my brackets. And I’m behind on everything because of my oh-so-lovely illness (which is dealable with for now). So take this abbreviated entry and make it last three weeks, unless I decide to procrastinate at any point during the next three weeks of all-nighters.

And since the past two weeks have been a completely medicated and sometimes-not-medicated enough blur, I bring you a random bunch of notes.

-I have this sneaking suspicion that the Terrell Owens trade will be rescinded. I don’t think it should, but I think it will. I don’t know why. I’ve come up with a bunch of different reasons that I could easily argue against. We’ll see, I guess. I just think it will. Premonition…meaning I’m probably wrong, because I’m never right when I chalk something up to that.

-Yes, I will still watch hockey, and I will still let any future children I may have watch and play hockey, even after this Todd Bertuzzi event. I think this combined with the McSorley event of a few years ago and the upcoming labor dispute will cause a decrease in the amount of violence allowed on the ice. As violent as America is, a brutally violent foreign product isn’t going to sell. The NHL will try to curb the violence as best they can, as already seen in the almost-suspension of the Rochester American’s goalie on Friday night for something he didn’t do, that the accusing player did to himself. Binghamton is a dirty team. I’m not saying that the Amerks are angels, but what I’ve seen and read about Binghamton points to a pattern of violence.

-Speaking of any future children I may have, I was thinking the other day: could my children have all the makings of comedic genius? I’m part Canadian, grew up in what is practically just “Southern Canada” as Tricia put it, and I will be spending at least the next year of my life in Boston. Seeing that the best comedians are either Canadian or from Boston, my children will be on the stand-up circuit by the age of seven–well, at least on my end. Who knows, whoever I may marry might have no comedic genes and just ruin it. Maybe I will try to avoid that by marrying someone from Toronto–they breed comedians there like it’s their global export.

-Why must the NCAA basketball tournament be during the busiest three weeks of my life? And why must BYU be playing Syracuse in the first round? I never pick against BYU in football or basketball–let me remind you that for my 14th birthday, my parents gave me a BYU Cougars baseball hat. I wanted to go there, even though I am nowhere near Mormon. I feel like I have gone over this before. Well, anyway, I can’t pick against Syracuse either. Us upstaters got to stick together, and as the only true Upstate NY team in this tournament, I can’t pick against them. Urgh. But I want to kick the guys’ butts, so I will more than likely pick Syracuse. The sad thing is, I spent 10 minutes hemming and hawing this out while I should of been studying for my silly pointless monastery art history midterm. Procrastination, whoo-hoo. (But don’t worry, I put my nose to the grindstone and focused right after.)

-Several people have asked me this in the past few months, and so I will address this in a larger forum: No, I never pick in pools with money. That’s gambling, and that’s something I refuse to do (you’re looking at the girl who refuses to play even scratch-off lotto tickets.) I pick football and basketball for the pure enjoyment of making other people squirm when they realize the peppy art history minor with the cheerleader ponytail has kicked their butts. Haha, to quote my friend Brian, I rule.

-I think one of the most entertaining parts of the break-that-wasn’t (aka, the 4 day long “spring break” Binghamton gave us) was Tricia and I busting out into Jessica Simpson’s “I Think I’m In Love” in the middle of a coffee shop on Saturday night. Her fiancé, Olivier, is from France and therefore had not been exposed to the fun that is Jessica Simpson. (The second most fun was the dinner they made with her mom for us–very very very very good food.)

-My sister thinks she wants to go to Ithaca. Deja vu for my parents. I’m all for it, so when she’s a senior there, I can vicariously take part in Senior Week through her. Let us see how this plays out.

-If I was not convinced completely before, Barenaked Ladies sure convinced me that they are the BEST BAND EVER. Totally. Completely. I love them. It takes me seeing them live again for me to break out all their CDs and play them all completely through, and I did that again, and……I love them. You know how people quote lyrics in their away messages? I’m doing that now with Barenaked Ladies lyrics, just because they’re genius.

-I tried to watch Stars On Ice on TV the other day. Vastly disappointing. I ended up turning it off. I just can’t get into any figure skating this year. I feel off. I just can’t get into it. I haven’t watched a whole thing of figure skating all season. It’s gotten that bad. Am I just growing out of it? Was this just an age 2-21 thing? I still like to skate, I just can’t get into watching it. ‘Tis bad news for the 65 tapes of figure skating I’ve taped over the years that are now collecting dust in my attic and under my bed.

-Grad schools need to step it up and let me know what they think of me, otherwise I’m going to stop being patient and just send in my confirmation to Boston University. At least they like me.

Off to bed, or reading, or more procrastination. Yee-haw.


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