Okay, it’s Super Bowl Sunday, and I’m taking a break from becoming a permanent fixture in the common room love seat and having my hand stuck to the remote to amend my “Kat’s 5 Hottest QBs of All Time” List.

One, I realised that Tom Brady highlights his hair. Uhhh…he’s staying in #3, maybe going back a spot just for that. A NFL Quarterback is not allowed to be a metrosexual. I’m sorry. I’ve highlighted my hair myself once. I’ve never gotten it done professionally (or even by my mom, who I would consider semi-pro because she did go to cosmatology school for a bit back in the mid-70s). I don’t have the time or paitence or desire required to get it done. And I’m a pretty girly girl when it comes to appearance. So…yeah. Minus points for that one.

Two, I feel like I should differenciate between “hot” and “sexy.” Steve Young is “hot.” He is not, however, “sexy.” In Katherine World, “hot” equals handsome (it’s just shorter to type) and “sexy” means “I wouldn’t mind having sex with him.” For many reasons that you can figure out, Steve Young is not “sexy.” And no, I am not going to tell you who I think is sexy, because that is a topic for another day…or not. Maybe.

Three, (and this is a big one), I need to add someone onto my list. Marsha and I discovered him during CBS’s HORRENDOUS (I mean, it’s really really really bad) pre-game show earlier this afternoon. Kyle Boller of the Ravens. He has to be the cutest thing ever. So adorable. Oh my gosh. I hate the Ravens, because I hate Ray Lewis (I am so my dad’s daughter), but man, I may have to watch them in secret if Boller comes back to start. I don’t know exactly where he fits on this list, because, well, he’s an unproven QB, and I feel that you have to be at least mildly successful to be placed on the list (I know what you’re going to say, and here’s my response: Steve Walsh was successful for a year.) But if he does start and do well at some point, Boller’s getting added. Maybe above Brunell. Yeah, he’d be #2. He’s better than Brunell. Yeah, wow, he is. Wooooowwwww. Told Sara to keep an eye out, since she is my favourite Maryland-ite, and I think she would enjoy him very much.

Okay, really, I should do work before the Super Bowl starts. Darn ESPN, why can’t they have a seven hour long pregame. I hate CBS’s. I don’t care about freaken Crank Yankers and “the Frankinstein of NFL Players.” No. I want football. And please go easy on the sad features–I wept my eyes out at the Trent Dilfer piece on ESPN earlier. I can’t handle stories like that at all.

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!


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