Yes, it’s been a bit since I last updated this on the joys of being an orientation advisor.

My last group of freshmen flew by. I don’t even remember them…they were a nice group of 20, a few being very excited about being here (including my history major and my volleyball player–they were great!) and the rest of them just seeming completely disgusted and not even caring about anything. Many of all my orientees have been pre-med–easy for scheduling purposes, but do we really need that many doctors? I guess we do. The majority will change their minds soon enough though, so we’ll see where these students stand come end of their sophmore years.

Then I had crew/set up. I got to park cars and hold signs. Then I got to drag tables and watch funny movies in Lecture Hall 1 when we had free time. It was that session where I met Alda, who is best friends with a family I used to work for in high school. She’s from another high school in the City School District, bringing the City of Rochester total here to…three (Brian Jones, me, and now Alda). She rocks! It was so exciting to talk to someone who came from the same school district!

Tomorrow begins the last session, Session I. Well, it’s not really the last session, but it’s the last two day full session with the 25 OAs. I’m working with the families (hooray–I love interacting with families, see my previous entries as to why). I just have a better time interacting with them. And after Tuesday night, we finish cleaning and then it’s vacation! Then I come back here sometime around the 14th, pack up my apartment here in Susquehanna, and move over to Mountainview. On August 20th, we start preparations for the last session (the “oops, you forgot to come to orientation and you kind of really need classes” session), do the last session, staff Welcome Back Weekend, and then we’re done. Then classes begin, and so do the 10 or so extracurriculars I have agreed on doing this year. Sigh…we will see, we will see.

This weekend I got to have dessert with the Vice President of Student Affairs and have dinner at my bosses’ house. Add to that the dinner I had with President DeFleur at the beginning of the summer, and I’d like to say I have seriously networked my way around this campus. This job has been awesome for that respect. And if any of them can get me jobs, I’d love them for it.

Well, I might as well get to the work I have to do and to get to sleep, since I do have to wake up early tomorrow. I’ll update this tomorrow or Tuesday and let you all know how the last session went.

Oh, yeah, out of state totals for the all sessions thus far: @11 MA (4 in one session alone, including one from Beverly, where one of my favourite ex-Ithacans, Caitlin, is from!), a lot of Jerseys (I think they came in a group the last two sessions), a lot of Penn. (maybe 10 a session the last few it seems), a Florida, two CAs, 2-3 IL, 3-4 Marylands.

Music: I’ve had “A Thousand Miles” stuck in my head all day. There is a reason for that…


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