Quick post, because I need to rest for tomorrow’s session (actually, by the time I finish typing, it will be today’s session).

This transfer session had it’s ups and downs–although I must say, out of the 16 I was assigned, the 6 that actually showed up for things and particpated were fun to hang out with. The highlights were my Latin major and her cool mom (the very first Classics major we’ve had all year); my two Engineering guys, who were great to eat dinner and do schedules with; the mother from Rochester who also went to School #52 (although, as she assured me, many years before I did); and the History major transfer from IC, bringing the whole summer IC to Binghamton transfer total to roughly five, which brings the total number of IC to Binghamton transfers that I know of on campus to nine (that includes myself). I think IC may want to look into that…(What’s even more scary is the number of those of us who lived in Terrace 5 in 2000-2001 who ended up transfering…I forget the last count, but it’s many more than it should.)

The out of state count: 1.5 (long story) Colorados, 3 (?) Jerseys, .5 Mass. (another long story), and 3 or 4 Penn.

And that was my one and only transfer session. Yes, I still want to work in and research transfer advising. If anything, the expierence makes me want to research it more.

I’m heading to bed so I can rest up for my last group of freshmen (the two sessions after this one I work set-up and families). I’ll be back on Wednesday…


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