What do OAs do on their day off?

•Watch the Quarterback Challenge and conclude that Marc Bulger is the hottest active quarterback in the NFL, with Mark Burnell a very close second.

•Attempt to shrink my still way too big OA polo shirts (I was mildly successful.)

•Watch Mr. Deeds, which has to have one of the best soundtracks of the past few years.

•Door tags for the floor I will stay on tomorrow night.

•Pack for tomorrow.

•Make sure I know what I’m talking about tomorrow.

•Dream about scheduling classes for something like the fifth night in a row.

•Try to plan my grad school visit/vacation, which is mighty hard to do when BC, BU and Harvard’s admissions offices are closed on Saturday afternoons and you don’t have time during the time they are open to call them.

•Realise that I’ve overbooked myself for my senior year and unless I like having no life and bouts of laryngitis, something should really change. But will it? I guess that’s up to me. Three people today alone told me that something has to change. Three. Add to that my therapist last fall, my father, my mother, my sister, most of Holiday last year, all the guys who have turned me down when I’ve asked them out in the past seven months…is this a consensus? I think this pretty much is. Okay, I guess now I have to learn tactful, nice ways to say no that will not make me feel guilty. Or just how to say the word “no” in general. I may need help with this.

All in all, a nice day off. On to my transfers…

Music: The person above me playing music, along with the occasional blasting car stereo. But I did catch the last fifteen minutes of Selena, which means I have that soundtrack stuck in my head. I think that was the last good movie J.Lo ever made. Oh wait, The Wedding Planner is pretty good. But yeah, I think that was it for her.


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