Give me an undecided student’s favourite movie, CD and book, and I can choose classes for them that will fufill general education requirements.

Ladies and gentlemen, I think I have found my calling.

In other (but still related news), Elyse, one of the secretaries in Campus Activities and Orientation, is the funniest person ever. I sat with her, Theresa, Jack, Orlando, and Mo at the Orientation dinner tonight, and I think I burned off all the calories I ate by laughing.

My orientees were excellent this session–they had already looked at the schedule of classes online, and knew a lot of what they wanted. They jumped on the registration system and, for the most part, got much of what they wanted. Very nice–I commend them. I feel bad because my groups don’t nessercarily bond as well as others, but I try the best I can in the very limited amount of hours I am given with them.

Transfers on Sunday–“our peeps” as Danielle would say. I wonder how they treat an OA who has been a transfer as opposed to an OA who has not. We will see. I’ll just call this as the beginning of my grad school research–especially if I get a few athletes. Today I had a wrestler–he was cool. We talked D1 residential guidelines at 1am.

For those of you keeping track: We had one orientee from Mass. this time (Martha’s Vineyard), quite a few from Jersey, one from Illinois, and handful from Penn. Yes, I will be scanning the parking lots opening day to get my fill of different license plates (seeing that freshmen can’t have cars, I won’t get to see them throughout the year).

Music: “It’s You” by Michelle Branch. I love that song–and someday, I will be able to apply it to someone. Hopefully.


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