Okay, so I’m back. It only took me almost…uh, three months to come back to this thing, but I’m back. I have something called “time” now. As I was telling Chris (part of the best RD staff ever, Dickinson 2002-03, who I will all miss working with) this afternoon, time for myself is a wonderful thing that I sorely missed during the past year.

So what am I up to? Well, I am working this summer as an Orientation Advisor at Binghamton. I live in my lovely single in my lovely apartment with my great apartment-mates (Nicole and I are the Bachelorettes!) In my spare time (which will not exsist in July, which is when I work nine orientation sessions), I am looking at grad schools and jobs, and studying for the GRE. Let me tell you right now that I depise the GRE. It stinks. Looking through that study book litertally ruins my day…well, okay, puts me in a bad mood for like an hour. I thought my days of standardized testing was over! Oh well, I’m determined and persistant, and I really want a chance at Harvard, so I will study my butt off anyway.

Another enjoyable hobby I have been partaking in lately has been talking to Tricia! She’s back from London, and now I can talk to her online and on the phone! Whoo-hoo–you do not understand what great fun we’ve been having the past few days, talking about planning her big fat bling bling wedding. (If you remember from the 3-13-03 entry, she’s getting married to the best proposer ever.) No really, there will be no bling. We aren’t that ghetto-fabulous, although we’re pretty close, having attended Fredrick Douglass Middle School for sixth grade. And I still maintain that I can be pretty darn authentically ghetto-fab at times. I mean, I do live off of East Main Street in the city of Rochester. And I did go to the high school that had metal detectors. We really never used them…but we had them, and a nice SOTA TV rap video about them entitled, “Step Up to The Metal Detectors.” Anyone remember that? I swear, they should of made all of America watch that video when they upgraded airport security. “Step up to the metal detectors, we got to make it safe…” and I don’t remember the rest. Can we have a reunion and dig that out of the SOTA TV vault? I’m sure Megan (my super techie little sis) can get it.

Ahh, high school. Fun times, fun times.

Okay, as always, I have rambled. And so I will stop here, because I’m sure you all now have enough evidence that I am crazy. But actually, you should of known that already.

I promise to update this more often, really!

Music: Well, now I have “Step Up to the Metal Detectors” stuck in my head. But before that it was Michelle Branch.


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