Yes, I should be doing work. But instead I was “surfing the net.”

And I found this:’S%20DANCE%20STUDIO/homepage.html

Yes, Denise entered the computer age. This, for those of you who haven’t heard me talk about it or who aren’t from Rochester, is my old dance studio. I took classes here for just about 10 years, and I taught there for 2. It was weird to see pictures of all these girls I used to dance with. They are still young enough to be there because they were maybe 12-14 when I left back in 1999…yes, because I was short (insert the rolling eyes of sarcaism here) I was in the performance group with the younger girls. Well anyway, I wish I could just redo the studio’s website, because I don’t like the font. It’s too big. I always had ideas for a website for the studio (as I also always had ideas about everything for that studio–I think Denise hated me by the end there because I was always coming up with something), and, well, this website doesn’t fit my vision. Not that it matters, though.

Yes, most of you reading probably don’t know the whole bitter story surrounding my departure and tenure at the good ol’ DDC. And I would tell you all, but it’s hard. Most of it doesn’t even have to do with the studio as much as myself.

But anyway, this also reminded me of my father’s dream for me: to open up my own studio to directly compete with Denise’s. Now, that’s never going to happen, because I can’t teach (trust me, I can’t, I tried–I mean, I wasn’t bad, but I’m not at all good enough at anything but tap to teach, so yeah, I could teach tap, but that’s it), but I always entertain my father when he brings it up. And to say that I have no desire to do that is a lie: it’s what I thought I was going to do with my life for years. I mean, when I was little, that’s what I planned on doing when I grew up. I remember making a life outline in Miss Fisher’s class in 4th grade, and this is what it said:

1) I was going to go to Edison Tech for high school (like my dad) or School of the Arts.

2) I was going to keep dancing.

3) I was going to teach dance.

4) I was going to open my own dance studio.

5) My bathroom in my house was going to be light blue, and everything was going to match. (That was a weird dream of mine–I always wanted a put together bathroom, I don’t really know why.)

Then in 5th grade, I was going to open my own day care center (so, and I am not lying, I could have more than one bathroom to decorate) and dance studio. So Katherine’s career asperations have gone like this:

ages 4-7- firefighter, singer, or President of the United States

ages 7-13- dance teacher, studio owner, day care center operator, just overall entrepurner (I know I spelled that wrong, sorry)

ages 13-18- sports journalist, sports agent, sports public relations (I can tell you the exact date I got this career tangent started: January 29, 1995)

age 18-20- Latin, history, or creative writing teacher, director of arts instruction/curriculum at SOTA

age 20-now and in the future- Student Affairs Administration, Higher Education Admin. (because essentially, all I’ve ever wanted to do is just be in charge, advertise, and plan events and programs–from the studios to the bathrooms, to representing greedy, non-derserving professional athletes, so this works)

See, I was able to connect all that. It’s not like they’re all completely different careers. I mean, they all follow that “I must plan everything in the world” tangent. But I think 4th grade me would of looked at what has happened to me in horror and surprise. I was never going to go to college. I was never going to stop dancing. And I was never going to grow out my bangs! But 4 year old me would of been happy–I’m a president. Not of the country, but of 1,000 people, which is enough for me.

So yeah, visit that website. Laugh at it’s bad layout. See where I spent a lot of my youth. And laugh when you read the “professionally trained instructors and trained assistants” sentance. (Ooh, bitterness coming through, should stop.)

I should really do more work. Really.

Music: My lovely iTunes playlist, which ranges from the new Eminem song (guilty pleasure, trust me) to Billy Joel and the Chicago soundtrack.


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