I just realised how disconnected I am from everyone from high school. Whose fault that is, I have no idea. However, if one remembers and really studies how I was (physically and personality wise) in high school, it’s no wonder that I only talk to two, maybe three people from high school. That’s okay, I’m fine with that. A bit saddened, but fine.

I was home for four days and did not see anyone beyond my immediate family (well, and Alex and Becky, but they’re around so much that I consider them immediate family). And so, since I have more work to do than who knows what, and because I had no point in being in Rochester because there is absolutely no one but my family (who rock, don’t get me wrong) to hang out with, I came back to Binghamton and my cozy Holiday room. I mean, Tricia is in London (she’s officially engaged by the way, which makes me extremely happy–Olivier is a fantastic guy who really knows how to propose! Congratulations again!), Laura and Candace are in school, and Marsha decided to stay in good ol’ Holiday for break.

I wish I had stayed in better contact with everyone, and I wish I would of visited school on Monday. I miss the teachers–they were some of my best friends in high school. I will just have to go back at some point and say hi to them. But then again, as much as I wish I still had my high school friends, I have two great groups of friends who I wouldn’t give up for the world. And that makes up for my social awkwardness and bangs in high school. (I blame my social awkwardness on my bangs–there is a direct correlation between my growing out my bangs and my establishing good relationships, especially dating relationships). It’s funny–people here usually don’t believe that I was an extreme pudgy geek in high school. I have to drag out pictures to convince them. They also don’t believe I hadn’t had a date until spring semester freshman year. Then I drag out the pictures again. I was, as Caitlin, Tracy, and I used to put it, “a super geek, super geek, I’m super geeky now!”

Well enough about my “phase”. Like in my favourite movie: “Well, I was kind of going through a phase until…right now. I was frump girl.”

“I don’t remember frump girl, but I remember you.”

Sigh…it scares me how I can recite lines upon lines from that movie. I did get my mother saying the “bi-a, bi-op-bi-a, bi-bobsy, bi-bopsy” line though. And I must say, as much as I found that scene with the bundt cake funny before watching it with Matt, Marsha, Dan and Steve, I now have a serious laughing fit when I watch it. “It’s a cake!”

Okay, I need to make the rest of my study sheets for Carolingians…they look awful nice so far. I refuse to sleep until they are done.

I promise to update this more often. I promise! (even if the only person who reads this is Megan)

Music: Cell Block Tango and Hot Honey Rag/Nowadays from the Chicago movie soundtrack


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