I’m been told I’m a workaholic. I may be, but really, it’s not that bad. I mean, look at today…

A day in the life of me:

8am–Alarm goes off, and I think about not going to Ancient Law, and then I remember that it’s Kadish, and he’s my favourite, so I have to go. I take a shower, get dressed, check my e-mail.

9:05–Head outside with Regina to catch the bus over to campus.

9:20–Get on campus and head on over to Financial Aid to pick up a scholarship application. Go to class.

10:40-11:50–Go to the library. Check e-mail again. Copy reserve reading. Pay phone bill. Go to Career Developement Center. Get part of my lunch.

11:50-3–At the store, where I do my reading for Carolingians, call the future AD of Moutainview, organize DTC stuff, work on the night’s e-board agenda, start filling out that scholarship application, and work on my internship applications. Warned by boss not to accept any job I get offered by Late Nite, because apparently they wanted to offer me a position. Wiether they do or not remains to be seen.

3:15–Clock out and head for the shuttle. I love the shuttle. Other dorms have two lounges, a rec lounge and a study lounge. Here in Holiday we have a study lounge and the shuttle. The shuttle is where you socialize and also where you get to know each other intimately, since there is often too many of us stuffed into that little van.

3:40–Back in the room, where I make flyers (since I am working towards my honorary degree in flyerism and flyer studies), pay bills, do semi-formal stuff, check and respond to e-mail for the third time, and continue my massive amount of reading for Culture of Modernism. Oh, and talk to Megan.

6–Make dinner, which consists of bad Matzo Ball Soup from a can. I do not reccomend it. I keep reading

7:40–Head for the shuttle to go to DTC E-board.

8-9:30–DTC E-board

9:30–Back in the room, I try to follow up everything we’ve discussed in the meeting.

10:30–Seriously procrasinating by writing this.

So all in all, this was an easy day. I spent four hours in my room, which is pretty good. See, it’s not that hard–it’s the frustration that does you in. Once you get that to a tolerable level, you’ll be fine.

Yeah, I don’t reccomend the soup. It was bad. I had to eat a spoonful of peanut butter to get rid of the taste. It was horrid.

Okay, I will do my reading now.

(Am I still doing well, Megan?)


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