So Megan IMs me this evening and says, “You know what I love? Live Journals and blogs.” I, being the noisy girl that I am, asks her who she knows who has one. Turns out that she’s been reading Martha Hoffman’s blog, which has a link to her brother Ross’ blog, who has a link to Jesse Beller’s Live Journal…it’s like a big SOTA reunion! So if it’s good enough for Ross and Jesse, it’s good enough for me. Except I’m no where as interesting as they are. In fact, I am rather “toast”, as they would say in My Big Fat Greek Wedding. “Asceno with a toast family!” (I’m more than likely spelling that completely wrong, and I apologize to anyone who knows Greek.)

Along those lines, Regina and I were contented with the premiere of “My Big Fat Greek Life” last night. Not the best television show in the world, but it definitely beats out plenty of other stuff that is on the air these days. I kept having a major problem with the Toula character now being called Nia, and the fact that the husband is working on his dissertation. Continuation people! Don’t change things up on me like that!

Oh, and I notice that people always note what they are listening to when they are writing an entry on these things, so I will do that as well. I am listening to “Hunter” by Dido, because that song, along with Marcy Playground’s “Sex and Candy”, will be the Mountainview theme songs for next year (the two buildings are Hunter and Marcy, in case you didn’t know). So we go from “Holiday” by Madonna to one of those two songs. Trust me, fun times will be had by all next year.

Okay, this Blog stinks. Trust me, I’ll try to be less toast in the future.


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